Screen Time: 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy Around Technology

Screen Time: 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy Around Technology

Waking up on Saturday morning at 10 am is a new luxury now that our three kids are a little older.

It’s wonderful, our oldest gets her and her sisters a snack then they all sit down to watch an hour or two of cartoons before exclaiming in unison “WE’RE HUNGRY, WE WANT PANCAKES!”

It’s been a peaceful morning for us until… we turn off the TV. Then all mayhem breaks loose! Our oldest gets cranky, our middle melts down and our youngest starts screaming. Saturday mornings are not the only time that this happens.

They often end up in front of the TV on those days when it’s too cold to go outside, their school and chores are done and I need two extra hours of work time.  Same scenario; when I am done working and turn the TV off, I get the same cranky sisters that we experience on Saturday mornings.

Coincidence? I think not. There is something to the thing they call “brain drain”. Today we will explore what technology does to your kids bodies. And what it does to yours.

Do you ever get a funky feeling after watching too much TV or spending a lot of time at your computer? This is the same thing your kids are experiencing after a lot of TV time. It is the effects of EMFs or electric and magnetic fields. We have EMFs naturally occurring in our bodies. Basically the way I understand it is we get overdosed on EMFs from all of the electronic devices in our lives. Listed below are the most concerning health problems from EMFs…

  • Cancer: the biggest problems cited have been childhood leukemia and brain cancer [1] [2] [3]

  • Hormone Imbalances and infertility [1] [4]

  • Fatigue, low energy, dizziness, headaches [1] [2]

  • Memory loss and disorders including Alzheimer’s [2]

  • Sleep problems / disturbances [2] [5]

We are exposed to many EMFs daily! The thought of it is overwhelming. Our own bodies and the natural world around us all emit EMFs. The challenge is that our bodies are not able to handle as much as we are exposed to. We see the symptoms listed above when we are over exposed.

Our bodies need the earth. We were never meant to spend hours around technology. We were created to spend time outside touching the earth, moving our bodies and getting fresh air, this is how our ancestors were able to keep their EMFs at healthy levels.

Technology is here to stay. We cannot toss our computers in the garbage, pick up a shovel to start farming our backyards and hunting for dinner. It is just not going to happen. So instead we must learn how to put our EMFs in check with different methods.

Kids’ bodies are affected more by EMFs so it’s even more important for them that we try to do what we can to keep our homes balanced. Here is a list of things you can do to keep the EMFs at a safer level and cancel out the negative effects they have on your bodies.

Screen Time: 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy Around Technology

6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy Around Technology

  1. Use of natural items. Use items like beeswax candles, salt lamps and cactus can help reduce the amount of EMFs in your home. Read more about how to use them here. Also read more about things like these awesome beads you wear that are supposed to balance the EMFs around you. We haven’t tried these yet but I am ordering them at
  2. Unplug your appliances and electronics when not using them. Get rid of your microwave.  It is one of the BIGGEST offenders. We haven’t used ours in over a year, really it only takes a few extra minutes to use the broiler or a pan on the stove. If you can’t remove it at least unplug it.
  3. Keep electronics and devices away from your body whenever possible. Use wired devices when possible, if you have babies use wired baby monitors. Turn off WiFi on your devices when possible.
  4. Get grounded! Put your bare feet on the ground, hands in the soil or lay on the grass.  All these are great ways to ground yourself. We walk on the garage floor in the middle of winter. Read more about grounding and indoor grounding here and here!
  5. Be well. Eat healthy, take your supplements, exercise, get fresh air, drink water.
  6. Take breaks and limit time around technology. Limit how much time your kids get access to technology.  For those of you who work around tech all day be sure to take breaks, go get grounded and get fresh air.

Your home can be balanced. Many of the things above are simple to do or get. You will notice a difference once you start implementing these things in your home and life. You and your kids will feel better.

Keep your technology! It is not necessary to get rid of the technology and electronics in your life. They serve a purpose and are very valuable. Do not be afraid of it but open your mind to living with a healthy and balanced approach. Implement what you can from the list above and do your best to be well.

Did you read the first of our Screen time series? If not read the first post HERE. Next week we will be discussing the specifics of technology and our children. The ways we can incorporate a workable and balanced schedule. I will be sharing great ideas on how we can live better with and without technology. I have found some really awesome resources that you will not want to miss so be sure you read next week’s post!

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Take care and go be awesome!

-Natalie Hixson

Question: Do you use any methods to protect your health from EMF’s? If not what will you implement from the 6 ways above?

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