Your Kids Can Experience Entrepreneurship with This Simple and Interactive Program!

This 180lb Great Dane helped these kids make $48 their first week in business.

Later I'll show you exactly how they did it.
But first I want to tell you a little more about my family, see if you can relate...

As my three girls grew, I started to notice...

  • Those boring dinner conversations, the one word answers of "good," "fine" and the non-verbal mumble of "I don't know" with a shoulder shrug.
  • That the allowance seemed to encourage them to hoard their spending money (what am I going to do, they just can't be responsible with it?!)
  • Then the despondent slump on the couch around the little glass screen (why did I get that for her anyway?)

It's a different world out there today...

  • Recent university grads will tell you: A good education no guarantee of a good job anymore.
  • It's a global economy with global job competition.
  • Technology has changed our lives. Permanently. This is the new normal!

Your kids need experience that sets them apart,
makes them unique and gives them an advantage.

"It used to be that entrepreneurs were the renegade cowboys...
Nowadays, you have to be an entrepreneur just to get and hold a job."


Does Entrepreneurship Feel Scary?

"I don't know where my kids should start..."

"I'm too busy to design a comprehensive program..."

"What if it's too risky and my kids fail…"

"What lessons do my kids need to learn…"

"What business ideas are safe for my kids…"

We want to show you...

How simple it is to start a business, even with no money.

How fun it can be to help your kids with their business.

How much your kids will learn and how fast they will grow.

How you can design activities that create connection with your kids
so that you never run out of exciting things to talk about!

Here's a blueprint you can use to make this happen.

Remember those girls and their Great Dane?  They used a flyer in their neighborhood and for $6 per yard, sold their dog-poo-pickup-service before buying any equipment.  Using the skills and shovel they used to clean up after their own dog they did four yards the first Sunday and four yards again the following Saturday.  Then strategically reinvested in the tools and equipment they needed.  Now they've made hundreds of dollars!

We teach this in a step-by-step process in our Entrepreneur Kids Academy Handbook.

What is in the program?

  • EKA Handbook: PDF Ebook with Activity Worksheets to compliment each chapter.
  • Inspiring Interviews: Hear from successful entrepreneurs talking about the businesses they started as kids.
  • Templates & swipe files: Including the “Get-Fast-Results-Flyer.”
  • Monthly Study Group Call: Talk directly with Mike & Natalie and other students.
  • Private Facebook Community: Optional community support for parents and students who are old enough.

Entrepreneur Kids Academy Handbook

(E-book in downloadable PDF format.)

Your step-by-step guide so that your kids can create, grow and manage their first business.
Chapter by chapter, here’s what is covered:

Chapter 1 – What Is an Entrepreneur?

Chapter 2 – How to Start Your Business

Chapter 3 – Help Paying Customers Find You

Chapter 4 – Making the Offer and Taking Money

Chapter 5 – Failing Is Only the Beginning

Chapter 6 – Success: You Made Money, Now What?

Chapter 7 – What to Do with Your Stacks of Money!

Each chapter is followed by “Your Turn” activity worksheets that will guide you and your kids each step of the way.

Monthly Study Group Call

This call will be a time for your kids to “sit down” with us and other students. Students will discuss ideas that are working and challenges that come up with business.  They will be encouraged to set goals and be accountable to other students on the call! Everyone will talk about how to overcome things that didn’t work and have a chance to celebrate student’s successes! This will be an awesome time for students to be honored for their work and encouraged if they have come across failure!

Private Facebook Community

(must be 13 years or older to gain access to the community)

This is optional and not a requirement to complete the program. This private Facebook group is a place that parents can be the voice for younger kids to test an idea or ask questions relating to their child’s business. Students 13 years or older with a Facebook account are welcome to give and receive feedback and collaborate with each other. Mike and Natalie will be in the group daily answering questions and moderating. Be a part of a community of invested parents and students who are equally inspired to help kids grow a successful business!

Free Bonus: Inspiring Interviews

Successful Entrepreneur Interviews! These are exclusive interviews for students only.

…and not just anyone... these entrepreneurs started businesses as kids and used their experiences to build to huge business success!

Devin Duncan

In the first interview with Devin Duncan ( we talk about testing ideas, how people vote with their dollars and the value of community.

James Wedmore

Interview #2: James Wedmore ( We talk about his first lemonade stand at 7 years old, selling his motorcycle on Ebay and the value of having a mentor.

Pete Sveen

Interview #3: Pete Sveen ( We talk about transitioning from a service business to an online product business.

…and there’s more!  We record a new interview each month!

Free Bonus: Templates & Swipe Files

Use our templates to get fast results. Just download the file, put in your information and you’re ready to go!

Advanced training on our free blog materials and worksheets.

What Others Are Saying

As a teacher reading through this program, I feel that it is a great way to get younger kids thinking about working for themselves and not “the man.” There are some great activities and it really gets kids thinking about the “how to” process and what it takes to start their own business. I feel that this is a great program for homeschool kids. If your kids are not homeschooled, then I would compare this to getting them ready to start the DECA program when they reach High School. I personally went through the DECA program in High School and made it to Nationals. I feel this program has a lot of potentials to get kiddos to that level or prepare them for it based on the age in which they start. I hope to see many small businesses come out of this program! Good Luck Kids!!

BreeAnna Benz School Teacher

I am so excited for my 8 year old to do this program! I have read through it and will be printing it off this week to start the first of the year. She is going to be so excited. The program is written really well and super easy to follow and understand. The activities seem like they will really get her thinking. What a great thing to do with a child. I bet my almost 4 year old will want to jump in as soon as she is ready too!

Deanna Baldwin Parent

Help Your Child Start A Business Today!

The Entrepreneur Kids Academy program does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.
It teaches the fundamentals your kids need to start a business so they can be leaders,
job creators and millionaires of the future.

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  • Immediate access via username and password.
  • Content is all digital and downloadable.
  • No monthly fee, just a onetime purchase.
  • Lifetime access. Buy it once for the whole family.
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If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of this course and the training we provide to your kids, just ask for your money back.  The risk is all on us to provide outstanding materials!