Money Management Guide For Kids (worksheet and video tutorial)

Money Management  Guide For Kids (worksheet and video tutorial) by Entrepreneur Kids Academy


If someone gave your child five $100 bills, what would you do?

Is $500 too much money for a child?  Will it corrupt them?  Should they save it all for college?  Should they give it to charity?  What if they spend it all on candy and rot their teeth out?  Ack, the horror!

What do we as parents really fear?

Within all these questions lies the golden nugget!  Start now to teach them the proper way to manage money.  Teaching real, life-long lessons about money needs to come from real experiences… getting fingers on real dollar bills.  Don’t fear it.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your child later.

To help you in this process, check out our money management for kids worksheet and tutorial. We have been so excited to share with you!  This is a follow up post from our last post titled “Three Reasons to Get Rid of the Allowance” .

The purpose of this worksheet is to help kids manage their money while running their own business! If you have any questions about this worksheet please comment below. We will personally answer them. We would also love to know how you liked the video. Show us you liked it by sharing it with your friends!

Get the worksheet here -> Money Management  Guide For Kids Worksheet for Kids!


Have a fantastic day!

-Mike and Natalie Hixson

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