How To Create A Family Screen Time Contract

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At our house, we have rules for where and when it is ok to have our gadgets.  If Mike ever brings his iPhone to the dining room table, our kids yell out “Tech Daddy!”

Our kids love to keep us accountable to the commitments we make.

Over the last few weeks we have focused on how to create a healthier family life around technology.  We gave you tips on how to find more balance. Today we are excited to give you two worksheets.

The first one is for your kids.  Once they are done, use their input in the second worksheet to create your own “Family Screen Time Contract”.  Keep everyone in the family accountable to each other!

It’s important to talk about technology with your kids. Use the information we gave you to share with them why it’s important. Help them understand that a contract is not to take the fun out of screen time. Tell them why it is good for their health as well as emotional well being.

Ask your kids to fill out their worksheets before you work on the family contract.  The kid’s worksheet will help them express their thoughts about technology so they feel they have a say in how things should work. It is important for them to be heard. Take what they say to heart and consider it when you create your contract. They will be motivated to follow the contract if they feel like they helped create it.

You can find the “Kid’s Screen Time Worksheet” here -> Click Here.

And get the “Family Screen Time Contract” worksheet here -> Click Here.

how to create a family screen time contract

Bring the Social Back To Family.

One of the scariest things I found in my research for this series was a comment about how families do not know how to talk to each other anymore. Many families are so used to putting their focus on technology that they have forgotten how to be present with each other. Here are a few ideas to bring back the social in your family.

  • Eat dinner together without technology!
  • Have no-tech zones and times (this is my favorite). Have a place in your house that you are tech free, maybe it’s the living room where only books are allowed!  Also, pick one hour a day, one day a week, one week a year that you are unplugged and tech free. Check out and reconnect during those times.
  • Play outside! Go on family dates to the library, to the ice cream shop, to the bowling alley, on a hike, etc!
  • Start a business together!  Get the Business Idea Kickstarter for Kids here:
  • Check out this awesome blog:  It shares tons of fun and amazing activities to do as a family!

We hope you have enjoyed this series on technology. We have learned so much ourselves about how to balance technology in our family. Remember that there will be times of unbalance.  It’s not perfection we try to attain, it’s progress. We hope that this series has helped you and given you ideas for how you can raise a healthy family around technology.

Be sure to come back Sunday, April 2, at 8:30 EST to watch the Google Hangout! It will be live here on the blog we will be discussing what it was like for our family to create a family screen time contract. If you have anything you want to add to this conversation or any questions, please use the comments below so we can address them on the hangout. See you back here in a few days!

-Natalie Hixson

Watch our Google Hangout below! It will be broadcast live here on the blog Sunday April 27 at 8:30 EST.

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