EKP: 24 Featuring Hart Main – the founder of ManCans

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In Episode 24 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Hart Main, the inspiring creator of ManCans.

Hart got the idea for ManCans from a joke he made when he was only 13 years old and in 8th grade! His sister was selling candles for a fundraiser, and he thought they all had really ‘girly’ scents. So he made a joke about making man-scented candles. A few weeks later Hart asked his parents for money to buy a new bicycle, and they said no. He already had a paper route, so he had to choose if he would earn the money for the bike by continuing with his paper route or by starting the candle business. It would have taken longer to earn the money with his paper route, so he started the business. And that’s how he became an entrepreneur!

Hart had a neighbor who had made candles before, so he asked her how to make them and where to get supplies. He used money he’d earned with his paper route and money he borrowed from his parents to buy supplies and get going on making candles. Hart’s parents helped him make the first few candles, since it’s kind of dangerous.  They also helped with the business concept part of ManCans. Hart started out selling to friends and family members, and he went to some local stores and sold candles to them.

Hart has had some times when he thought about quitting and not doing the business anymore, but then he remembered that his business is helping to feed more people than he ever thought would be possible. ManCans has donated over 100,000 meals to different soup kitchens. Hart always kept in mind all the soup kitchens that rely on his donations and all the people who would be impacted if those donations stopped.

Hart is making plans to go to college, so he’s working on getting some things set up so that the business can still run if he steps back from it a bit. He wants the production and financial sides of the business to run mostly by themselves with an employee overseeing operations while Hart is at college.

Hart’s personal plan for the future is to be a sports agent and to go to law school. His goal for ManCans is to help and impact as many people as possible, and his goal for his personal life is to live in a caring and giving way.

His advice to other kids who might want to start a business is to think big! When just getting started on a business it sometimes doesn’t seem like it will get much bigger. But to make sure you don’t limit your company’s growth, think about how big it could eventually get and try to work toward that and keep your options open. Keep thinking big!

You can connect with Hart here:

Business website – Man-Cans.com

Facebook – Facebook.com/ManCansOhio

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-Enya Hixson

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