EKP: 23 Featuring Blu – the founder of hey BLU!


In Episode 23 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Blu, an entrepreneur and creator of hey BLU!

Blu has been creative from a very young age! When she was six-years-old, she drew things on shirts for her friends. When Blu watched TV, she could never find a main character on a show that she could identify with. So she used her creativity to come up with the hey BLU fairy, which is the logo for her company. And the hey BLU fairy really is Blu herself!

Blu’s father takes her to get her nails done, and she likes pretty things. That’s what gave her the idea for the hey BLU nail polish! Blu made the nail polish, because she wanted to create something with less chemicals than normal polish so that her mom would let her wear it. And now hey BLU sells t-shirts and pillows in addition to nail polish.

Blu’s mom helped her start the business by making a website and helping with the hey BLU fairy logo and nail polish.

Blu has had times when she felt like giving up on her business, but only when things got hard. Sometimes it was tough to choose the nail polish colors and create the fairy logo the right way. But Blu kept going in her business! She wanted to keep going, because she wants to create a movie and a book about hey BLU and her friends! Blu also has plans to make natural hair products in the future.

Some of Blu’s personal goals are to become a dolphin trainer and to be a business owner. And her favorite sport is swimming!

Blu’s advice to other kids who want to start a business is to never give up and to do something that inspires them. Blu’s success with her company has allowed her to support breast cancer research, and that’s why hey BLU’s t-shirts are pink!

You can connect with Blu here:

Business website – heyBLU.com

Facebook – Facebook.com

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-Enya Hixson



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