EKP: 22 Featuring Maggie Batson – the founder of Twice Loved by: Maggie B.


When Maggie was just 7 years old, she lost a choker necklace that she had worn every day. She decided to make a new necklace herself, and people loved it! She sold some necklaces at an open house jewelry party one of her mom’s friends was having, and after her success selling at the party she decided to start her own business – Twice Loved by Maggie B. Her mom drove her around to stores so she pitch the idea to them, and that’s how she got started selling necklaces in stores. Most of her sales come from retail stores,even though she does sell some on her website TwiceLovedByMaggieBatson.com.

Maggie’s mom and dad were really supportive in helping her start the business. Her mom helped make the necklaces and drove her around to sell them. Maggie’s dad came up with the business name Twice Loved by Maggie B. Maggie makes most of the necklaces herself with some help from her mom.

Discovery Girls magazine will be featuring Maggie and her business in their February/March issue that will be available soon at DiscoveryGirls.com. The magazine picked 36 girls to come to California for a photo shoot and to have fun and be themselves, and Maggie was one of the girls picked for their article!

For other kids who want to start a business, Maggie’s advice is to always start by making something you love, so that it will be fun! It’s harder for a kid to start a business than it is for an adult. So you have to try twice as hard and never give up. When Maggie moved to Georgia, she didn’t have as much time because of the moving and unpacking. But she loved making the necklaces, so she tried harder and was able to keep the business going.

It gives Maggie a feeling of satisfaction knowing that she’s a kid who started her own business, and she loves making the necklaces and selling them. In the future she’d like to expand to selling in stores like Target and Wal-Mart who sell all over the world. As a personal goal, Maggie would like to go to Harvard Law School and earn her law degree, because she’d love to be a lawyer when she grows up.

She’s also a major animal lover, and she gives a portion of her profits from the business to the animal shelter. Maggie favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy, and her favorite character in the movie is Groot.

You can connect with Maggie here:

Business website – TwiceLovedByMaggieBatson.com
Facebook – facebook.com/TwiceLovedbyMaggieB
Twitter – twitter.com/twicelovedbymag
Instagram – instagram.com/twicelovedbymaggieb

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