EKP: 21 Featuring Max Ash – the founder of MAX’IS Creations


Max Ash began his innovation with the idea that the world would be a better place if we could play with our food. When Max was eight years old and in second grade, his art teacher gave him an assignment to make a mug. He likes basketball and hot chocolate, so he decided to put a hoop on the mug to shoot marshmallows into the hot chocolate. He made that first mug with clay and paint.

Max’s mom asked him if he’d like to sell the mugs and make money, and that’s how his business began! His mom and dad help him with the business aspect of his company. He pitched his idea at a product innovation contest held at Fenway Park and won the community vote! He also started a campaign on Indiegogo.com where people bought his mug and helped him raise money for production of handcrafted mugs in Thailand. Now, he and his family are in the mug business and his play with your food sensation is sweeping the nation! Today Max is selling his mugs on his website, at 40 Nordstrom stores, and at e-commerce sites UncommonGoods and The Grommet.

There were times when Max wanted to give up on his business, because it was hard. But he kept going, because he likes delivering his mugs to the stores and making money. So far Max has sold around 15,000 mugs!

His future business plans include continuing to sell The mug with a hoop and adding The mug with a glove launching in January 2015 and a football mug around Father’s Day 2015. His personal plans include getting a good job and continuing with his mug business.

Max’s advice for other kids who want to start a business would be to start on a small scale and not spend a lot of money if they don’t know if the business will do well. Once they’re selling a lot, then they’ll know it’s a good business and can scale up.

Max’s story highlights the upside of dyslexia and he is donating 5 percent of his profits to charities that support dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Dyslexia research is a special cause to Max, because he is dyslexic. He has given about $900 to his school for a research program and donated 100 mugs for them to sell. Other successful entrepreneurs with dyslexia include Richard Branson and John Fish.

Max’s favorite sports are basketball and baseball.

You can connect with Max here:

Business Website – www.maxiscreations.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/maxiscreations

Twitter – twitter.com/MAXISCreations

Max and his business were recently featured in a Boston Business Journal article: Click here to read article

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