EKP: 20 Featuring Farrhad A. – the founder of Rockstah Media

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Farrhad’s spark to entrepreneurship started at the age of 13 when he realized he had a passion for creating websites and aviation.   He studied more on each and after a year of working on the site an aviation hub was formed.  The site was a place for everything aviation, from pictures to facts to helpful information – basically the Wikipedia for Aviation.   After selling that site to concentrate more on his studies he got the itch again and developed various websites on his own, for himself.  The itch got stronger and he wanted to help other businesses create an online presence as well and that’s when Rochstah Media was born!  His first client at the age of 15 was his dentist and the rest is history.

While he’s learned mostly from trial and error  he encourages others that want to start a business to find their passion. Don’t worry about money or fame, just find your passion and figure out how you can solve a problem with that passion.  Solving a problem and mixing it with passion and hard work  creates a formula for success.

Farrhad didn’t always receive much support from his community.    In his generation you were supposed to focus on education and getting degrees and then getting a job, that was the process expected of each person, that is what everyone did.  Farrhad was different and that caused doubters.  Many couldn’t understand why he wasn’t focusing all his time on his studies but instead focusing on developing websites for clients. He knew he needed to follow his passion, think positive, control those doubts and keep pushing through.  Perseverance proved to be right.  He now has 42 people in Rockstah Media and it continues to grow.

He’s received his Bachelor’s degree and his personal goals are to continue studying to pursue a Masters degree in Law and learn more languages. He also wants to eventually sit back and enjoy all of his hard work over the years by traveling the world.  He believes that life isn’t a long race, it is made of many short races put together, and we have to prepare for the short races, keep pushing ourselves and keep trying.

You can connect with Farrhad here:

Personal website – www.farrhad.com

Business website – http://www.rockstahmedia.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Farrhad

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Farrhad

Instagram – http://instagram.com/Farrhad

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