EKP: 17 Featuring Remmi Smith, the Founder of Cook Time with Remmi


In Episode 17 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Remmi Smith, a teenage entrepreneur and creator of Cook Time with Remmi.

At 4 Remmi would eat the food for the meals, while her mom was cooking. To keep her busy Remmi’s mom put her to work and her passion for cooking was born! She graduated into cooking full meals at the age of 7.

After a wise suggestion from her brother and wanting to help with the epidemic of childhood obesity and follow her passion Remmi decided to teach kids how to cook healthy, economical and simple but complete meals by video! A website was created and after her second episode a local cable channel picked up her show and aired it 20 times a week!


She now has a cookbook – Global Cooking for Kids and a salad dressing that’s sold in stores. She’s a National Sodexo Official Student Ambassador and apart of No Kid Hungry, Leaders Tackle Hunger. She’s driven to help childhood obesity and helps local food banks in her area.

She’s striving to take more culinary classes, hopes to go to culinary school in the future and own a health based restaurant some day!

Her advice to other’s wanting to start a business is to don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes – just laugh them off instead!

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-Enya Hixson


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