EKP: 16 Introducing Juliette Brindak, the Founder of Miss O and Friends


In Episode 16 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Juliette Brindak, the founder of Miss O and Friends – a safe and social network created by girls and for girls.

It all started from a drawing.  At age 10, Juliette drew a group of girls and called them the “cool girls”. Her sister Olivia did the same thing not too long after that and is a very similar drawing to what you see now on Miss O and Friends. Their mom, with a background in graphic design, brought Miss O and Friends to life. For the next couple of years it was a fun hobby the three of them shared, playing around and having characters do what they loved doing.

Miss O and Friends made their deput at Olivia’s 8 year old birthday party. The characters were a huge hit! Juliette realized that she could create something for Olivia and her friends to help them through the upcoming middle school years and the challenges they may face by living it through Miss O and Friends.

After using her own college savings and her parents financial and moral support they launched a website! Today it is a family owned business. Juliette, her mom and her dad all work full-time for Miss O and Friends.

There are big, big plans for Miss O and Friends. Head to their site and follow them on Facebook to keep up on where you can find them.

In closing, Juliette just wants to be happy in life, is passionate about learning, giving back and can’t wait to continue to grow Miss O and Friends to help girls everywhere!

Website: http://www.missoandfriends.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissOandFriends

The charity that is close to Juliette’s heart is: http://www.fiver.org/


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-Enya Hixson

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