EKP: 15 Meet Abby, a Volunteer at Keys for Hope


In Episode 15 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Abby.  Abby and her sister Zoey, along with many other volunteers, are raising money for a new homeless shelter in South Carolina.  They help sell keys for Keys for Hope, the keys representing shelter and home.   From what started as a 3rd grade school project selling keys within the school, it has now become a community project. They have reached their goal of building the shelter and now continue to raise money to maintain it.  In doing that they hope to create key kits called My Keys for Hope to help others raise money for their own cause in their own community!  Abby, Zoey and all of the volunteers at Keys for Hope are truly doing amazing things.

Head over to their site and follow them on Facebook to track their wonderful progress and efforts.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KeysForHope

Website: http://www.keysforhope.org/



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-Enya Hixson

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