EKP 12: Zack and Josh Neyens Co-Founders of Buggie Bags

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In Episode 12 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview Zack and Josh Neyens. Together they invented the Buggie Bag. In this episode you’ll here how these twin brothers turned a day of monkeying around in the garage into a business!

At age 6 Zack and Josh became the youngest Twinventors in the USA while playing super hero in the garage one day. Playing with stretchy fabric they convinced their dad that it’d be cool to make different colored covers for dune buggies. After a loan from grandma, at age 7, the twins established Buggie Bags and promoted their first product in 2009 at the Sand and Sport Super show in Costa Mesa, CA where the bags sold out completely! At the age of 8 Zack and Josh currently have one of the newest, most innovative dust covers in the off road and golf industry. Sometimes referred to as the young Einstein’s these two inventors have taken fashion and function and created the ultimate designer dust cover and a great venture for themselves!

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They encourage other kids to not let others stop them and take their idea and see if it’s already made, if not, “Go for it!”.

They’ve given bags to support Breast Cancer and to St. Joseph Hospital.

Find out more about Zack and Josh here:

Website: http://www.buggiebag.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Buggie-Bags

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