EKP 09: Asya Gonzalez founder of Stinky Feet Gurlz

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Asya of Stinky Feet Girlz

In Episode 09 of the Entrepreneur Kids Podcast I interview 16 year old Asya Gonzalez founder of Stinky Feet Gurlz. She was fun and very inspiring! 

Stinky Feet Gurlz was established in 2010 by 13 year old designer (now 16), Asya Gonzalez.  What started out as a simple doodle in a note book, evolved into a variety of hair styles and face shapes.  She then took the designs to her mom and with her help, supervision, encouragement and connections, launched Stinky Feet Gurlz right from their home! Stinky Feet Gurlz was designed to be a fun, simple, adorable collection of 1940′s inspired sassy, quirky, amusing & expressive apparel and accessory items.

Asya is a dedicated student and Philanthropist and aside from running her business, going to school and participating in sports, she takes time off to speak to large groups of students and teachers about following their dreams and also about her charity, She Is Worth It!.  Recently, Asya was invited by Concordia University to be their Key Note Speaker at one of their Teen Entrepreneurial Academies in Irvine, CA  and now travels with Independent Youth to speak at Teen Entrepreneur Symposiums all over the country.

Asya is very passionate about bringing about awareness and education of Child Sex Slavery & Trafficking and UNTESTED, Backlogged Rape Kits through her created foundation, She Is Worth It!

Asya has been drawing and designing since she was a toddler so falling into this line of business was clearly a natural path.  She is currently putting together a portfolio of her prom dress, evening gown, purse and shoe collection and aspires to have her own high end fashion line in the near future.

Find out more about Asya:

Website: www.stinkyfeetgurlz.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Stinkyfeetgurlz

Twitter – www.twitter.com/stinkyfeetgurlz

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-Enya Hixson

EKA Podcast Episode 9 Meet Asya Gonzalez Founder of Stinky Feet Gurlz


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