EKP 04: Ally Mollo Founder of Custard ‘n Jelly

EK Podcast 4 Ally Mollo Founder of Custard 'n Jelly

Ally Mollo Founder of Custard 'n Jelly

In episode 04 of the Entrepreneur Kids podcast I interview Ally Mollo. Ally is the founder of Custard ‘n Jelly. Custard ’n Jelly is a lifestyle brand for young girls, ages 3-11. The brand revolves around a line of child- inspired guardian angel “buddies”—soft plush toys that have a whimsical and adorable quality, all with the purpose of helping children.

“The concept of Custard ’n Jelly stems from the desire to feel that someone has our back. Girls can feel that their guardian angels are there for them, offering comfort and fun. At the same time, girls will learn the value of good will in helping other children, with their charitable donation included in the purchase price of the angel. The 3 charities are Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, Child Find of America and Children Incorporated.” – Ally’s Facebook page

Find out more about Ally:

Website: www.custardnjelly.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/custardnjelly

Twitter – www.twitter.com/custardnjelly

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-Enya Hixson

Ally Mollo Founder of Custard ‘n Jelly

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