Business Goal Planner For Kids!

Are your kid entrepreneurs? Do they want to be? Check this out! Business Goal Planner For Kids!

We quickly remembered how overwhelming and confusing setting goals and making plans can be as we worked on our own for the new year. We asked you, our fans and followers, if a “goals and plans” worksheet would be helpful for your kids and we received an overwhelming YES! So we immediately got to work and designed a worksheet to help you and your kids through the process. Please be sure to use the Facebook comments below to let us know how this worked for your kids and if you have any more suggestions on what we can give to your kids! We look forward to hearing about your kids plans! We would even love to see pics of them working on it so be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook wall (click here -> EKA on Facebook)! Have fun!

The Business Goal Planner For Kids worksheet should be done after you work through the Business Idea Kickstarter and have a business idea the kids want to work on.  You can get that by clicking here.

Here’s the link to download the FREE Business Goal Planner For Kids: Click Here


PS: Is your kid ready to start their first business? Click here ->

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