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Kids discover their strengths and use them to find ideas for a new business!

Watch as your kids put their ideas into action!

What do these three billionaires, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Elon Musk, all have in common? They all started their first business at the age of 12.

It should be no surprise!

Starting as kids, these billionaires began to experience small successes and failures in business that gave them the experience and advantage to become who they are today. The future economy will be shaped by today's young entrepreneurs. BUT Where will your kids start learning the basics of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation... learning the skills that will lead them to be tomorrow's leaders, job creators and business elite? They won't get entrepreneurship in school today... Geoffry Colvin wrote a fantastic column in FORTUNE Magazine, September 16, 2013. Following are a few excerpts.

'Innovation and creativity are what make economies hum, and they have always been America's biggest advantage.

'A gauge of creativity in children that has been used in the U.S. for over 50 years, the Torrance test, shows that after rising for decades, kids' creativity began declining around 1990, and the accumulated drop is now significant, with the deepest declines showing up in elementary school children.

'Meanwhile, other countries - China, most of Europe, parts of the Middle East - are trying hard to build a culture of innovation among their kids, mainly through the schools.'

The future of our children and the future of our country hang in the balance and we're not going to sit around and wait to see what happens! Join us in teaching our kids about entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

This is not about getting rich.

It's about learning the life lessons, skills and mindset.

Kids need to experience the entrepreneur's successes and failures that shape their character early on so that they can become a millionaire or billionaire down the road.

Entrepreneur Kids Academy is for you and your kids if...

Your kids are between 8 and 12 years old.
Your kids have a creative new business idea every week.
Your kids invent new ways to do things rather than follow the crowd.
Your kids always have something new to sell to your friends and neighbors.
You want your kids to learn the value of money.

It is NOT for you and your kids if...

You are not willing to help your kids with their business.
Your kids are not yet reading or doing basic math.
You do not want to expose your kids to a new way of thinking.
Your kids have no interest in making money.

About Enya Co-Founder and CEO

At first Enya was just going to be a student of Entrepreneur Kids Academy but as Mike and Natalie started to develop the program they quickly found that Enya's involvement was more then being a test subject. Her involvement grew from student to actually helping to develop the program.

Enya shares ideas, has final approval over all that goes on in the academy, and started her own podcast for the program. Without even realizing it she had started her own business endeavor by working with her parents to create Entrepreneur Kids Academy. She now claims the company as her business. Mike and Natalie are so proud of her and the work she puts into it.

Join us in our exciting adventure!

About Mike and Natalie Co-Founders

Mike and Natalie feel called to educate their kids in what they believe. Their passion for their kids' education led them to the decision to homeschool. They also wanted to teach them about the power of entrepreneurship and running your own business.

Entrepreneur Kids Academy was born when Natalie created a curriculum to teach their 10 year old daughter how to start her own blog and business. Everyone who heard about it wanted to know more. Now the whole family is involved!

Join us in our exciting adventure!

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