3 Reasons Your Kids Need A [dot com]

3 Reasons Your Kids Need A [dot com] by www.entrepreneurkidsacademy.com/blog

For some parents, buying their child’s name as a domain (ie. theirname.com) can be scary or seem unnecessary. They feel as if it is just one more way that a child loses their privacy in this world of expanding technology and social media. If they put their child’s name out into the world wide web, someone could find and hurt their child. Let’s put the fear of intrusion into a hole and bury it with knowledge.

I am no stranger to the fear of my name being on the internet. The first three years of writing on my personal blog I went by my middle name and no last name. I was terrified that someone would find me. I feared getting physically hurt or losing my identity to theft.

When Mike and I started our online businesses, I had to use my real name. It was important that people knew who I was and that I was completely honest about my identity. Transparency is very important to me and to others who do business with me. Instead of hiding I decided to learn how to protect myself and keep my identity safe.

Before we started our online businesses there was no way I would have ever purchased my kids names as a domain. I was scared of my own name being out there, let alone my kids. The reason was from not having enough knowledge about why I would buy their names or how I would keep them safe.

Today we have all three of our kids names purchased and I want to encourage you to do the same. Here are three reasons your kids can benefit from owning their domain name. You may even consider buying your own if you haven’t yet.

1. Who will they be when they grow up?

There is no way of knowing what your child will end up doing or who they will be when they grow up. If they grow up to become the next Angelina Jolie, Tim Ferris or Pat Flynn, they will be very thankful you bought their name! It secures their name for their own purpose.

Do you have girls?  We have three girls and we bought their names as they are now. If they marry and take their spouse’s last name they can re-direct their domain name to their married name or whatever website they own at that time.

2. Domains are simple to set up and keep.

Did you know that there are people who buy domain names and resell them as a living? Domain names are becoming another form of property like real estate. If someone buys your childs name they could sell it back to you for quite a lot of money. Right now you can get a domain for around $4/year or about $15/year to add privacy features to it (recommended). That is a lot less expensive than $20,000 that we have seen for some very valuable domain names.

Another example is the website for the Nissan car company.  Apparently they were slow to catch on to this “dot com thing.”  If you go to www.nissan.com you will not find cars.  There is another company that owns the domain name and will not sell it to the auto maker for ANY amount of money.  If you want to find their cars you have to go to www.nissanusa.com… oops!

Setting up a domain is very simple. We used Bluehost to set ours up. They are great for all website needs and their customer service is outstanding! It is a simple process and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get set up. If you cannot get your child’s name, try a nickname or add a middle initial.

You do not have to set up a website with the domain until you or your child is ready. As long as you pay the annual fee of $4-$15, it will just sit with nothing on it. Here is an example; click here to see our oldest daughter’s domain. It will just sit there with Bluehost’s info on it until we or she decides to do something with it. As long as we have domain name privacy, it doesn’t give anyone her personal information and there is no way of finding Enya’s personal info from domain name.

3. You can be creative with their domain!

Mike and I have chosen not to do anything with our kids domain names at the moment. In my research for this article, I read about some different ideas parents have come up with for their kids names. Here are a few ideas.

  • Start a blog for your kids from their perspective on life.
  • Create a blog and use it as a scrapbook page (we suggest you use a blogging platform that has safety/privacy features so you control who can see it).
  • Use it as a place to write stories for your kids. Maybe not even about them, just fun thoughts and stories or even letters from you to them.

Buying your child’s domain name is not scary and can be a great investment for their future. I hope this article has been helpful. If you have more concerns or questions about this topic please feel free to email us personally at info@entrepreneurkdisacadmey.com or comment below. We would be happy to help!

-Natalie Hixson

Question: What do you think? Will you be getting your kids name as a domain now or wait? What is your opinion on this? Use the comment’s below to share your thoughts.

PS Are you ready to get your kids name as a dot com now? We highly recommend and use Bluehost. We are affiliates of Bluehost. We use them, love the service, quality and customer support! Click here www.bluehost.com to get your dot com today!


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